✓ Disclaimer

This is a personal blog composed only of my random thoughts on beauty-related topics. I am not a licensed or certified expert of any kind. Please use caution and common sense!

✓ Copyright

Please don’t steal my images, especially so if you’re going to hotlink them on forums. If there’s an image you’d like to use, contact me for permission.

I try to use images from the public domain or provide credit where it’s due, but oversights can happen. If you feel I’ve infringed on your copyright, let me know and I will remove the content or provide a credit ASAP.

✓ Disclosure

Occasionally I am sent free products for review consideration. I do not guarantee that I will review them, nor do I guarantee a positive review. I usually mention in the post if an item was sent for consideration and I always include a note at the bottom.

✓ Advertising

Running a beauty blog costs money! To help offset my expenses, I publish advertisements on the site and in the RSS feed. I do my best to keep ads relevant but unobtrusive.

✓ Affiliate Links

I also publish affiliate links, which will not be individually identified. Basically what this means is that I have a business relationship with some of the retailers I mention. If you click on links to these retailers and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. Please note that you do not pay anything additional to what you would have paid for the products, and in some cases you pay less since I often post coupon codes.

I only link to brands and retailers that I personally recommend (almost always ones I have used in the past). I do not promote unreliable products and retailers just to make money.

☛wording borrowed with permission from My Lips But Better (go check her out too!)☚

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