Well, it seems that this collection actually debuted in the Summer of 2011 but for some reason, it just came out in my local supermarket… go figure.  There were eight polishes released in the Mermaids Cove Collection but I only picked up five colors, as the other ones didn’t really ‘speak’ to me.

I picked up some at my local supermarket for $1.99, which is the regular price of the Fast Dry line of polishes.  Can you still find these?  I am not entirely sure, but if you see the display, go take a closer look at the beautiful colors available.

Sea of Dreams is a purple mauve with pink and violet shimmer running throughout.  I have did not have any issues with the brush in this bottle but the formula did pool just a bit, but nothing I couldn’t deal with.  On the swatches, I have used two coats on the nails and three coats on the nail wheel.  The bottle contains .46 fl oz / 13.5 ml and it is easy to open and comfortable to hold.

Here are the swatches…

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I hope these swatches have helped you decide whether or not you want to pick up Sea of Dreams. Sea of Dreams is one of my favorites of this collection (the other is Sea Witch – both purples, go figure!).  I know that I’m glad I found this since it is a really beautiful color.  I was in France in the Summer of 2011 so I was fortunate to be able to pick these up now.

Toodles til next time…