Wet n Wild FastDry Nail Polish in Gray’s Anatomy 237C

Size/Quantity:  0.46 fl oz / 13.5 ml
Price: $1.99
Availability: Major US retailers

Wet n Wild FastDry Nail Polish in Gray’s Anatomy 237C

I picked this up at my local K-mart because I wanted to try out some of the new polishes out by Wet n Wild.  I am a sucker for duochrome polishes even though most of the times, they end falling flat and disappointing me.

Company Claims:

Company claims on the Wet n Wild Beauty website…

The Reality:

I cannot attest to it drying in 60 seconds, but considering that I applied two coats of Gray’s Anatomy over 2 coats of Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in Ebony Hates Chris (a black polish), the entire thing dried fairly quickly… completely dry in one hour!  No base and no top coat.  Normally, standard polishes would take over 2 hours to dry and with 4 total coats, it would take even longer and I would end up quickly ruining the manicure.

Gray’s Anatomy is a duochrome nail color that in the bottle reflects purple, silvery-grey, turquoise and green.  On the nail, the colors that stand out the most are the purple and the green.  For those with longer nails you may see a bit more duochrome and different colors on the nail, but I keep my nails fairly short so purple and green is pretty much what I see, but I do see them well.  The tones of the colors themselves depend on how bright your lighting is… the purple and the green can either be bright or deep and dark.  I have found that the duochrome shows up best in low light.

To get the strongest duochrome, I applied it over a black base because I hate to see Visible Nail Line (VNL). The only reason I used 2 coats of the black is because of the terrible brush in the Ebony Hates Chris and I couldn’t get it to go on evenly.  This is a very pretty polish and I can’t stop looking at my nails…  I found the brush a little difficult to use as the bristles were a bit hard and unevenly cut but with a bit of patience, you can make it work and make the polish go on smooth.

Swatch : Wet n Wild FastDry Nail Polish in Gray’s Anatomy 237C… Purple and Green DuoChrome

Swatch : Wet n Wild FastDry Nail Polish in Gray’s Anatomy 237C … Purple and Green DuoChrome

I recommend this polish because it is such a pretty color even though I already have several similar colors in my collection. The formula is great… neither watery nor thick.  The brush could be better though, but you can work with it.  For $1.99 or less, you can get a great polish and a duochrome at that!

What colors do you want to pick up?  What are your favorite Wet n Wild nail colors?

Toodles til next time…