Maybelline Super Stay 10 Stain Gloss

Size/Quantity:  10.5 ml / .35 fl oz
Price: $8.99
Availability: Available through most major US retailers

I bought this Maybelline SuperStay 10 Stain Gloss in Refreshing Red 130 because I wanted to try a stain that remained glossy… In particular a red one.  I needed a long-wearing red gloss for an upcoming event and red glossy lips just scream sexy glamour to me.  Wooza!

Company claims:

Maybelline’s WebSite’s claims about the Stain Gloss…

  • Lasting color
  • Vibrant Sheen
  • Shine enhancing formula glides on lightweight color that won’t dry out
  • 10 available shades

The reality:

Maybelline needs to market this as a 10 minute gloss… not 10 hours.  After about 10 minutes it mattifies so it is no longer glossy… I get better wear time from regular glosses.  As for the staining effect, that lasts less than 2 hours… far from the 10 hour claim.  Very disappointed with this Stain Gloss from Maybelline.

Bare lips before…

One swipe of the Stain… pic taken immediately after application

Two swipes of the Stain… pic taken immediately after application

10 minutes after application… beginning to matte and lose the Gloss aspect

After drinking one coffee (from a mug) and this is what it looks like 45 minutes after initial application…

My lips 1.5 hours AFTER initial application… Barely stained at all…

This stain smells like cherry cough syrup… not exactly something I enjoy.  I don’t particularly like being reminded of my childhood illnesses… do you? Ugh…  The plus: The scent is not cloying. The Stain Gloss did tingle my lips but it seems from other reviews that not everyone is affected.  If you don’t like tingle, you’ll have a 50/50 chance of it happening to you.  I personally don’t like tingle on my lips unless it is from a plumping lip product or a lip sealer.  This neither plumped my lips nor was it long lasting… Bust :o(

The Maybelline SuperStay 10 Stain Gloss has a light gel-like texture when applying onto the lips with the bent, oval flocked tip which made application super easy.  I wish more companies used this time of flocked gloss applicator.  The tube is easy to open and when closing it, it remains tight preventing a mess from happening especially if you are going to carry it in your handbag.

Bent style flocked applicator… I like these types of applicators

Oval shaped tip on the flocked applicator makes application easy…

The color on the cap isn’t exactly a very good indicator of the color of the product inside.  In fact the colors of the caps weren’t very different from each other and they were all lined up in the store display.  There is label on the bottom of the tube with the color name and number, however, the name is hard to read… it is minuscule! According to Maybelline this product has a recommended 24 month expiration after opening.  Even if this were go be a good product that I would use, I wouldn’t keep a lip gloss product packaged in a tube for that long… the bacteria that would incubate in the formula would make me cringe!

Very tiny text on the bottom of the tube… Refreshing Red 130

The tube states up to 10hr wear time… as well as 24 month expiration date


  • The bent, oval flocked applicator makes application of product very easy
  • I love the initial red coloring/pigmentation upon application
  • 10 available shades
  • Light gel-like texture is very light


  • This tingles on the lips but isn’t plumping
  • Neither the glossy effect nor the stain last very long, and far from the 10 hour claim
  • Does not wear off evenly and can leave dry flaky bits on the lips

All in all, I would not recommend this product.  It was a total let down.  Other than the claim of shade availability, the product does not live up to the company’s claims at all.  Unfortunately, I purchased mine at K-mart and I can’t return it, so now I’m going to have to find some use for this or trash it…

I hope this was helpful… Toodles til next time!