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Price:  About $12 US
Shade Selection: Although is comes in 16 shades, I have only been able to find 12 (stores are still adjusting displays for this new foundation)
Size: .8 FL OZ / 23.7 ML
Packaging: Heavy, round glass packaging.
Finish: Not completely Matte… perfectly skin-like!
My Color: 330 True Beige


When you purchase it, it comes with a plastic stopper… DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY…

I’ve been using this exclusively for 12 days and I barely made a dent. It seems like I used a lot, but when you buy it, it is not filled to the top (unlike in advertisements)

Welcome to my new HG (Holy Grail) foundation. I have tried many foundations and in fact I carry about 7 different foundations in my kit and every single type, I have tested on myself. I have also others that I don’t have in my kit. Well, I would absolutely put this in my kit if I didn’t have all of the other ones in my kit already… If Revlon doesn’t discontinued this product, I just might. I have combination skin… Oily forehead, nose, inside of cheeks, and less-so on my chin. Flaky-dry eyebrows, sides of nose, jaw line, and corners of mouth. Everywhere else, it is normal. Add to that sensitive skin, and although I don’t break out often anymore, I do have depression scarring and hyperpigmentation from previous breakouts. Aren’t you glad you don’t have my skin? Thought so – hehehe. But if you do happen to have skin like mine, or any type really, do not sleep on this foundation.

I find that this version of Colorstay is 100 times better than the original liquid version. This is because the finish is more skin-like… not matte but not satin either. It sets itself so there is no need to powder it. Doesn’t cake up, or oxidize as much as the original liquid. The scent is also not as strong as the liquid version, and because it takes just a bit longer to set, you have more blendability with it. I would consider this to be a medium to buildable foundation, although if you you a damp Beauty Blender, you can easily sheer this out to light coverage. But then again, if you want light coverage, what are you doing looking at Colorstay anyway? I do not use any concealer when I use this foundation… with a small brush, I go back to the areas with this that need just a bit more coverage and I am good to go.

The back of my right hand with nothing on it…

After I applied what was on my finger from testing the texture. Blends in beautifully and still looks like my skin!

I have applied this without skin prep, with skin prep, over a myriad of different products, different application techniques and tools, as well as with and without powder over it. Even without any skin prep (freshly washed face and then applied) it controlled my oily areas, did not flake or dry out in my dry areas and blended like a dream! I have found that the best way to apply Colorstay Whipped is with a synthetic, flat-top kabuki style brush… Like the Sonia Kashuk Flat Top or the Sigma F80. Applying with the fingers I actually found that it didn’t blend as well and it seemed like I used more foundation… Go figure! I have also used the Beauty Blender sponge and although it applied well, it doesn’t fit into the jar’s packaging. Because of the jar packaging though, some may find it un-hygienic and I can see why. Not to worry, just use your clean fingers to take some out and dot onto your face, and then smooth out with what ever tool you wish. The same goes if you want to use the Beauty Blender with it… just dot it on first.

The jar sideways for 1 full minute… no movement.

I pressed my finger into the top so that you can try to see the texture of the product itself…

The texture is a cross between a mousse, a gel, and a cream. Traditional cream foundations (Cover FX, Graftobian, Mehron Celebre, Ben Nye, etc) are solid creams. I have a picture of this in the jar sideways so you can see that it is thick, but I wouldn’t store it that way because with gravity it will move. So, when you bring it home, don’t throw away the little white plastic stopper… It can help you from opening up a big mess if yours happens to not be stored on a flat surface. Think of the consistency of a good eye cream and that is pretty much what it feels like.

As for longevity… I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I put it on in the morning, go for a jog/walk in the morning, go out in the sun, splash my face with water, in the evening go to the gym… and it is still there until I want to wash this off. Colorstay don’t play with this formula!

Due to the fact that the texture and formula may be different than what you are used to, do give yourself some time to adjust to it because you just may be applying too much.  The first time I tried it on, honestly, I had already 3 cocktails in me and it was 1 am when I got home and decided to try it.  It seemed artificial and didn’t quite set or absord skin oils within the next few hours.  If this is happening to you when you are using this, just apply a thin layer all over to even out the skin tone, and then to back to the areas that need more coverage.  But then again, this is what you should be doing anyway.

So, all in all, this will be my go-to HG foundation in case you haven’t guessed yet Haha

So, what are you waiting for?  Go… NOW, and pick it up…