This post is not necessarily to review the product itself (the review is coming I promise!) but to let you know the color naming and availability differences between the USA and France (and probably other parts of the world though I can only be certain of France).


  • Maybelline New York
  • $7
  • Found wherever Maybelline is Sold
  • 10 Total colors available
  • Gemey Maybelline
  • 10,90€
  • Monoprix (though you may be able to find it elsewhere)
  • 9 Total colors available

                                             USA                    –                 France

Iridescent White:               05 Too Cool           –               45 Infinite White

Matte Orange:                     10 Fierce and Tangy    –          NONE

Iridescent Graphite:           15 Audacious Asphalt  –   55 Immortal Charcoal

Iridescent Purple:              20 Painted Purple      –           15 Endless Purple

Metallic Bronze:                 25 Bad to the Bronze  –   35 On and On Bronze

Iridescent Burgundy:       30 Pomegranate Punk   –        NONE

Matte Grey Taupe:            35 Tough as Taupe     –   40 Permanente Taupe

Iridescent Bright Blue:    40 Tenacious Teal       –   20 Turquoise Forever

Metallic Gold:                   45 Bold Gold               –          05 Eternal Gold

Iridescent Seafoam Green:     50 Edgy Emerald        –           NONE

Metallic Silver:                  NONE                       –           50 Eternal Silver

Matte Black:                      NONE                       –    60 Timeless Black

I hope that this has been of some help to you in trying to discern the names from country to country as well as why you may not be able to find a particular color.