Price: $3.49 at Sally Beauty Supply stores in the USA

Size: 73ml

Packaging: Very large and unwieldy round bottle. White colored topper.

Finish: Shiny base coat

Color: Goes on clear but it looks pink in the bottle (bottle though is clear)

Number of Coats: 1

I have had this for a while but I never gave it much thought because I was never one to put much stock into base coats (unless they were Nailtiques nail treatments). Though, now that I have been using Orly bonder, I can see just how terrible this base coat really is.

Cheap for the amount that you get
Readily available at any Sally Beauty Supply

Cheap as in you get what you pay for (bad thing)
Does not moisturize nails
Does not prevent yellowing
Does not help the adhesion or duration of nail color
Does not fill in ridges (though it doesn’t state that it would… but still)

I recently used this with KIKO #03 from the Frozen Collection and my nails ended up yellow, and the nail beds stained (though in the pictures it was very hard to capture the green tint that it left on my nail beds). I had been using the Orly Bonder since I purchased it on my last trip to the States. Now I can really see the difference in base coats… and all this time I thought it was the polish formulas themselves. I decided to try this out as my nails have been seeming dry and brittle… definitely not normal for my natural nails. I have been wearing a lot a nail polish lately as I have recently become addicted to polishes so my nails have not been polish-free in over a month. As you can see from the pictures, with just one week with this on, my nails are yellow… not cool… they are still not in any better moisturized. Not surprising given that the fifth ingredients is Isopropyl Alcohol… uh, drying ingredient. Also, by nails were chipped by the second day… different from what I would consider ‘normal tip wear’.

Anyway, here are the picks of the bottle as well as of my nails after the base was on my nails for a week under KIKO #03 polish.

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Toodles ’til next time…