Price: 2€40, on sale for Soldes D’Hiver 2012… Limited Edition Frozen Collection Nail Lacquer

Size: 11ml

Packaging: Square base with a rectangular height. White-gold colored topper.

Finish: Shimmer

Color: Teal-y Turquoise

Number of Coats: 2

Also on my nails: Beauty Secrets Base Coat Moisturizing Nail Primer, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat, Nicole by OPI Nail Drops

This is a teal-y turquoise color that seems brighter on the nail than in the bottle… not exactly a bad thing considering my love of bright colors, but just a heads up for you. I applied this polish over the Beauty Secrets Base Coat Moisturizing Nail Primer from Sally Beauty Supply (a friend sent this to me so I can’t tell you for sure how much it was). This polish ended up staining my nail beds, as well as around the nails and the fingers that I was holding the cottom pad with for removing the polish. I as much as I would like to just put all of the blame on the base coat, it did stain places when I was trying to remove it. I still love the color, but I will be more careful next time… I will use it with Orly Bonder, as well as using more cotton pads and acetone to remove it (maybe even Nitrile gloves to protect the hand that is hold the cotton round). It seems like a lot to go through just to wear a polish, but the color is indeed beautiful… or maybe I will just rest my nails for a bit after removing the polish and let the staining naturally wear off… I just don’t have the patience. Anyway, the formula of KIKO polishes are on the thicker side compared to Sinful Color polishes. I found this KIKO #05 polish very easy to apply and was completely opaque in 2 regular coats. Now for the slideshow. Some are take in daylight indoors, daylight outdoors and others with flash. I was trying to pick up the nuances of the polish since I suck at describing colors like this…

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Toodles ’til next time…