Great news dudes and dudettes… I will be going to my very first IMATS in a few days. I will be staying with a few of my youtube girls:

Becky from Make-up by Bextacy!
Sarah from Adorebubbles
Mathilde from TildzBox
Virginie, Mathilde’s friend and recent makeup convert… she will be a full-fledged makeup addict by the time us girls get through with her and IMATS… hehehehehehe

I can already imagine the room strewn everywhere with makeup and goodies. All five of us staying in one room… jeesh. I am hoping no one brings a camera as I can imagine the blackmail and embarrassing pictures to be documented. I am taking the Eurostar train from Paris to London arriving at St Pancras train station in London. The trip from Gare du Nord to St Pancras will take a little over 2 hours. If you see us don’t be afraid to say hello!

Friday: We will all be arriving in London by either plane or train and at different times… in the afternoon, Tildz and I are planning to go to a piercing shop though… whatever for? hehehe

Saturday: We will be attending IMATS on Saturday only and we will start our journey bright and early.
Saturday Night: Girls nite out to Party and become total reckless fools… should be a fun night to remember

Sunday: Start off the day with a hangover then Shopping on Oxford street and the like… Boots, Superdrug, blah blah blah

Monday: Leaving good ‘ole London, England back to our own homes… boo ☹

As three of us will have French phones, updating our twitter and facebook pages will probably be very difficult. Sarah is from Ireland and Becky is from England so maybe Becky will be updating. Plus, without a charger adapter for the UK for my iPhone, I will most like run out of battery unless I can find someone there who has an adapter or a spare USB port to charge my phone… here’s to hoping anyway.

See you on the other side of the pond…