Price: 2€40, on sale for Soldes D’Hiver 2012… Limited Edition Frozen Collection Nail Lacquer

Size: 11ml

Packaging: Square base with a rectangular height. White-gold colored topper.

Finish: Shimmer

Color: A burgundy, purple-y, brown-y type of color.

Number of Coats: 2

Also on my nails: Orly Bonder, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat, Nicole by OPI Nail Drops

This is not normally a color that I would choose since I tend to avoid dark colors in the burgundy/brown family. This is because I have years of cuticle scarring that have cause my cuticle area to now be very dark, so wearing a dark color of that sort, would call attention to the skin discoloration in that area… not pretty. But this color was so pretty and it wasn’t a matte or a cream formula so I chanced it… and I have gotten so many compliments on the color… yay me! (hehehe) Anyway, the pictures that you will see with my nails, are 5 days into the manicure… not bad. My left hand (in the photos) has had NO CHIPPING and my right hand, has had minimal tip wear on my index finger and thumb. Considering how hard I am on my hands, that is outstanding. The formula of KIKO polishes are on the thicker side compared to Sinful Color polishes. I found this KIKO #05 polish very easy to apply and was completely opaque in 2 regular coats. Now for the slideshow. Some are take in daylight indoors, daylight outdoors and others with flash. I was trying to pick up the nuances of the polish since I suck at describing colors like this…

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Toodles till next time…