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I normally do not partake in the French Soldes but I did find somethings that have been catching my eye, so since they were on sale, I picked them up. Two things I purchased, though, were not on sale but I really liked them so oh well, I figured that with the money that I saved, they were really free (ok, so I am trying to rationalize it my makeup addiction… can you blame me???).

I originally went to the Belle Epine mall in Thiais so that could pick up some items from KIKO Cosmetics that were requested by Maria, of the awesome blog Miss Drifted Snow White . (Go check her out) While I was at KIKO, I noticed that the nail polishes that I was eyeing from the Frozen Collection, from a few months back, were on sale. I hadn’t purchased them then because they were more expensive than the regular KIKO polishes. So glad that I was able to scoop them up and especially all of the colors that I wanted. Although 6 colors were part of the polish collection, I really only liked 4 of them… SCORE! I picked up a numbers 02, 03, 05, & 06 for 2€40 each. They were about 5€ when the collection was newly released. This is how I would describe the colors… keep in mind that I am terrible at describing so…
(from Left to Right in the picture)
06: Deep Anthracite
03: Teal-y Turquoise
05: Burgundy-Brown-Purple thing going on
02: Deep Muted Green

I also wanted to try out the Loose Pigments from KIKO and compare them to the MAC ones that I currently own. I swatched most but only brought home 2 which I fell in love with. #11 Taupe is a taupe… duh. However, when I swatched it, it reminded me a lot of Aurora from the Daphne Guinness for MAC Collection that was released this winter, so I brought it home to compare. I also decided on #13 Emerald, though I think of it more as a teal. You know me and my weakness for any green eyeshadow/pigment. What can I say? I lack some serious self-control. Here are pics of the pigments… swatches and comparisons will come on a later post. Each pigment costs 5€90. On the left is #11 and to the right is #13.

Since I was already at Belle Epine, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check out Galleries Lafayette to see if they had any goodies on sale too. Oh Yeah… a bin of Rouge Baiser lipsticks. And guess what? They were 60% off… yeah babyyy.

I swatched all of the regular lipstick line of Rouge Baiser that was in the bin and I settled upon 2. I picked up 418 Orchidée and 416 Pivoine. I love Pivoine… the Orchidée unfortunately, was a lot more brown and darker than I anticipated to I am not sure what I am going to do with that one. Does not suit my coloring at all… brown shades normally don’t. In the tube it had a mauve tinge to it and mauve looks good on me, but it did not come across as mauve AT ALL on the lips. Bummer… I had high hopes for that one. But, the beauty that is Pivoine surely makes up for it. Normally, Rouge Baiser costs 13€90 each, but with the 60% off, I paid a total 11€12 for both!!!

Here are pics of the lipsticks themselves (416 Pivoine on the left and 418 Orchidée on the right) and then a pic of me wearing Pivoine.

Taken with Flash

Can you see the huge difference between the color of Pivoine in the tube versus on my lips? That is the ONLY downside of Rouge Baiser lipsticks… you just never know how it is going to look once you apply them to the lips. This one, fortunately, turned out well because I love bright colors… but Orchidée, not so much. I hope you enjoyed this post… and if you want to see color comparisons or swatches, just let me know.

Toodles til next time…