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Have you ever found the most perfect shade of lipstick only to walk away empty-handed because it wasn’t the finish that you wanted? Like the feel of creamy lipsticks but the finishes of mattes?

Well, look no more. You can make a satiny, glossy lipstick matte by adding MAC Matte Mixing Medium. The reverse can be done by adding MAC Shine Mixing Medium. I personally don’t own the Shine version because matte lips are more often called for upon than glossy/shiny, and on set, gloss can just as easily be added.

These mixing mediums can even be used with loose pigments and glitters to formulate your very own lipstick. Let’s say, for example, you couldn’t get your hands on the elusive Candy Yum Yum from MAC. You can make your own by putting on a pastel pink lipstick (like NYX Paris) then topping off with a mixture of the Matte Mixing Medium and Madly Magenta. If you want to, you can just mix it all together then you can just apply it with a lip brush and you are good to go! Don’t want to mix it up often? Mix up a batch then store it in a 5 gr jar for future use… you can even try different combinations of lipstick.

The following are swatches of various lipsticks (brands, formulas/finishes) for comparison. Due to the low pigmentation of MAC’s lustre finishes/formulas (here I used MAC’s Oh Oh Oh), it dilutes the color a bit if only combining the lipstick with the mixing medium. Also, the red was hard to notice a difference because the lipstick was so strongly pigmented (MAC’s MAC Red).

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You now have the ability to customize your lip-look by not only adding color but by changing up the finishes. Add little bit of glitter, some pigment, but Matte or Shine Mixing Medium… go wild!

Next time you can leave the store with the shade you want feeling victorious! “I am the lipstick queen, Hear Me Roar!” as you walk out of the store. Pay no mind to the people now staring at you and move on… ha ha ha

What color do you most want to make or customize? Do you prefer the look of Matte or Shiny lipsticks?


  • Matte Mixing Medium and Shine Mixing Medium are MAC Pro products
  • These products can be used for other things than just lips. Though if you use them on the eyes, be prepared for the creasing since these are wax based. The Shine version, can be used on the cheekbones and brow bones, for instance, to add shine (dewy), reflection, and highlight without adding shimmer to your face.
  • Both of these are wax, emollient based products that are colorless on their own
  • Price for each is $19.50USD (I can’t remember how much in France but you can purchase it in Paris from MAC Pro Saint Peres, M° Sevres-Babylone (lines 10 & 12).)

Toodles until next time…