Price Point:  Affordable starting at about 8€ for at 150ml tube

Size: 150ml, 250ml/300ml (there are discrepancies on the larger sizes)

Packaging: Squeeze tubes with flip top facing bottom

Scent: Very light fresh scent


  • Removes makeup well
  • Non-drying… Cleans face but doesn’t strip it like most cleansers for combo/oily skin
  • Great for my sensitive skin… no breakouts
  • Removes excess sebum and balances the skin
  • Foams up nicely (unless you use too much which I had a tendency to do)


  • Hard to control amount due to thick consistency of gel
  • No pump
  • Not fragrance free

I really enjoyed this cleanser but since I didn’t like the thick consistency, I decided to look for something else (and now I regret it).  The cleanser (Bioderma Sébium Gel Moussant) that I purchased came with a pump so when I run out, I will be buying the Hyséac again but putting it in the pump to help with dispensing of product.  I went through this cleanser faster than I would have liked because I kept using too much.  I will also be buying the largest size that I can find.  In the picture I took, it is very hard to see how thick the gel really is coming out of the tube… it feels quite a bit ‘thicker’ than Cetaphil (if you’ve ever used Cetaphil).

For the sizes available, I purchased the 150ml tube because that was the only size there.  However, I have gone back to my pharmacy and I noticed that it had a larger size but I don’t remember the millilitres.  Upon looking up the sizes, there were discrepancies of the actual container sizes… some stated 250ml others 300ml.  But somehow, the US equivalent still stated 5 fl oz on the pictures of the packages!

150ml = 5 fl oz      250ml = 8.5 fl oz       300ml = 10 fl oz      500ml = 17 fl oz

I really recommend this gentle facial cleanser for those with combination/oily skin that is also sensitive.  Though it is not fragrance free, the fragrance did not irritate my skin nor was it very strong… it was actually quite pleasant.