Today is Thursday and on the first Thursday of the month, new MAC Collections are debuted at MAC Pro Saint Peres… today was the 3 newest designer collections… Gareth Pugh, Iris Apfel and Daphne Guinness.  Nothing from the Gareth Pugh collection caught my eye… and besides, higher pricing, lower quantity and no pro discount helped in my decision-making LOL.

In the Daphne Guinness collection, I was only interested in the pigments and in one of the colors from the quad.  I got a sample of the Aurora and the Circa Plum pigments to try out and also to make sure that I currently have nothing in my collection like them or that can easily mixed between 2 colors that I have to achieve them either.  I only wanted the Interior Life gray color from the Interior Life Quad… unfortunately it is not available individually… hear me cry MAC!  I just put myself on a new eyeshadow ban as of January 2012 unless to replace something I have run out of… but I was willing to cheat for that color (IMATS London 2012 doesn’t count since that was pre-planned LOL).  If anyone knows of a dupe of the Interior Life gray color, please let me know.  I wonder if Inglot has one???  Umm…

The purpose of tonight’s trip to MAC Pro Saint Peres was to swatch and try out in person the lipsticks from the Iris Apfel collection. (Though I had to tear myself away from the coral and blue eyeshadows from this collections.)  Temptalia has listed possible dupes/similar colors by Inglot on her website for both the Coral (Inglot 361) (Early Bird) and the blue (Inglot 372) (Robin’s Egg)… IMATS Inglot here I come.

Anyways, back to the Iris Apfel lipsticks.  Five lipstick colors are in this collection, with Morange being a permanent color so I didn’t swatch that ’cause I can get it any time that it suits my fancy.  The new colors that are also limited edition are:  Flamingo, Pink Pigeon, Party Parrot, and Scarlet Ibis.  I had looked at Temptalia’s review and swatches of these lipsticks so I went armed with info. Christine had listed Show Orchid as similar to Pink Pigeon; Girl About Town & Full Fuchsia as similar to Party Parrot.  There is currently no similar color to Flamingo in MAC’s permanent range. I have taken these pics in-store with my trusty iPhone with HDR on so you can have 2 sets of each pic to pick up the different nuances of each color.  I did not take a picture of the Flamingo swatch (cause I forgot) and Christine has a better pic of it than me so check out this link that will take you to her full review of this lipstick collection. When I swatched Party Parrot I noticed that it could be similar to another favorite color of mine… Pink Fusion, and though similar, there was a definite coral tone to Party Parrot that is absent from Pink Fusion.  Next to Scarlet Ibis, I decided to try how close it was to Lady Danger and I could not tell the difference in color between the two… Can you???  Since I had one of my favorite colors in my purse, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Anime,  I decided to try it out next to Pink Pigeon along with Show Orchid.  OCC Anime and Pink Pigeon were dead ringers for each other so I have no need to purchase Pink Pigeon.  Show Orchid leans purple/magenta and has silver micro-glitter where the Pink Pigeon has no shimmer.  All of these lipsticks except for Flamingo (lustre) and Morange (amplified creme) are classified as mattes… but unlike MAC’s other matte lipsticks, these are comfortable on the lips and personally, I would say that they are more creme/satin than a true matte since they do still have the ability to reflect light.

Now for the Makeup Porn…

I only ended up purchasing Flamingo and Party Parrot from the collection as they were the most unique or MAC doesn’t currently have anything in their permanent collection that is very similar (and I have OCC’s Anime Lip Tar that is a dupe of the Pink Pigeon).  I hope that these pictures help you make a decision on what to get from the collection.

Toodles until next time…