I have been using the Clinique Take the Day Off Balm for 2 years now. A small amount goes a very long way and takes EVERYTHING off. I normally use this when I have a full face of make up on and only want to use one product. I can even use this on the waterline and it does not irritate my very sensitive eyes. My eyes even burn when I get water in them and this doesn’t. It can just make you vision a bit blurry but nothing that a good rinse won’t take care of right away.

One tub of this miraculous balm has lasted me a full year. And I am now on my second tub and what you see gone is what I have used up these past 6 months.

Apply a small amount to dry skin and massage well to break up the makeup that is on your face and neck. After it has been massaged well and I see that the makeup is dissolved, I add a bit of warm water to my face and it emulsifies into a milky type of solution and massage it a bit further. This is a good way also to pamper your face at the end of the day with all the gently massaging going on. Rinse well with warm water and if you would like, you can wash your face after though you are not required to do so because your face is left clean and non-greasy. I just like the act of washing my face that’s all.

Another great thing about this product is also that if you are a frequent traveller like me and wear waterproof makeup, you can depot some into a small travel jar and that can be your makeup remover on the go… just add water… no leaking or spilling… and because it is a solid balm like chapstick, it will not get confiscated by TSA and doesn’t have to go into the quart-liquid baggie.

If you haven’t tried this, what are you waiting for? This thing means serious business yet is super gently on all skin types.

Toodles til next time…