Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome to 2012,

As good as my intentions were to add the blog posts of the Hits and Misses of 2011, trying to do them from an American keyboard of a laptop when I haven’t used one in 2 years was just not happening… though I did make several attempts.

I was just seriously losing the small amount of patience that I already had trying to type and besides, most of the pics for the products were sitting in my iMac at home.

Also, the day I landed in Newark Airport, a few hours later, I got a cyst on my face between my upper lip and my nose on the left side.  I the next day it ruptured, then turned into a Staph infection.  I was seriously disfigured so I did not leave the house for the first week and a half of my vacay.  I looked like the poster-child of lip-injection/plastic surgery gone horribly wrong.  Even my friends were laughing… I would’ve laughed too if it weren’t so painful.  I think that maybe that was the US’s way of telling me that I am no longer welcome there… looks like my friends will just have to come visit me in good ole’ Paris.

Between the series of antibiotics and popping Benadryl’s like tic-tacs I was completely out of it.  So, now that I am back in France expect the blog posts to come in a lot more frequently.  I will also do blog posts on items that I had left in the US 2 years ago that I had forgotten that I loved and made sure to stick them in my suitcase this time.

On a very good note, none of my luggage was lost or stolen and nothing from my kit that I had placed in my carry-on was confiscated… Woot Woot.  Going to New Jersey, I had booked a Lufthansa flight that ended up being “operated” by Continental on a United plane… try to wrap your head around that one.  On my way back to France, I had a Lufthansa flight with a layover in Frankfurt, Germany and another Lufthansa express flight to Paris that only took 50 minutes… unfortunately, the shorter flight, was completely booked and I ended up sitting next to a newborn that was crying the entire time that we were on the plane… now THAT was a very long short flight.

Now I’m that I have taken all of the pics from the items that I brought back and also of the Hits and Misses of 2011, I am going to go get started on the blog posts…

Toodles til next time…