I am here to admit that sometimes I have my Duh! moments.  Guilty as charged.  On one of my first trips to HEMA near my house, I, of course, was looking for new items to try out and see if they could make it into my kit.

I am always on the lookout for makeup wipes.  I already know of some good ones but I like to try some new things.  Well, let me tell you that I have been using this product on and off for 3 months.  But the Duh! moment only came last nite.  Yup sometimes I am THAT dense!

So in classic fashion, I am at the store and see makeup remover wipes.  60 wipes for about 2€… not bad, not bad.  Even if they aren’t that great then they didn’t break the bank.  It seemed that they had different varieties… dry skin, normal, oily but I was looking for sensitive.  I try to always pick the sensitive because if it worked good on me then I can transfer the rest to my kit and try out also on test shoots and see how they perform on others.

Here is a picture of the packaging (I didn’t take a pic when I first bought it.  I only took these last night when I realized my blunder.)

Did you happen to spot my Duh!?  Yup… that’s right.  Moistened toilet paper.  Like for your bum – paper.  Why would a store display moistened toilet paper right next to makeup remover wipes?  Same packaging and everything so I hope you can understand that when I was looking for sensitive skin, I was trying to look for key words on the packaging and not re-read the whole thing.  I didn’t see sensitive but I did see “à la camomille et l’allantoïne” which translates to ‘with chamomile and allantoin” (which in my poor French thought that meant Aloe… oops)  and I was sold… seemed sensitive to me anyway.  I was duped.  Oh well… let me review the quality of the wipes themselves.  I however cannot attest to the fact of whether they work well on the bum since they won’t ever see my bum bum.

The wipes are like thin felt. Not much in the way of texture.  Very thin as you can see from the pics… see through, and so easily ripped and stretched.  The first pic shows what can happen to the wipe just by taking it out of the package… take a close look at the pic and see that there is a spot where it looks thinner and you just know that it is going to rip right there.  When I do the stretch test, I hold one edge in each one of my hands and begin to stretch slowly to see if there is any give and how much.  It promptly ripped in two places… and it may seem from the pictures that I put my fingers through it but let me assure you that it did not happen.   Also, it is able to stretch a lot and that is not good.  You want wipes to be able to hold their shape.  I seriously doubt that this would make a good wipe for anything at all because of the texture and “durability”.

In the above picture you can also see that when you try to take one wipe out, a whole bunch come up.  And that really sucks cause you end up trying to jam the others back in and then after a while, the sealable seal no longer closes or seals making the wipes dry out super quick (though from the get-go they weren’t very moist to begin with).

I have used baby wipes as makeup remover on myself and clients and it is great, cheap and very effective (Pampers Sensitive if you really want to know… always use wipes without alcohol).  However, these wipes, though not baby wipes, totally failed.  Even with the Bioderma Crealine it didn’t cleanse that great due to the poor texture.  You may be thinking to yourself though “I may give them a try on my bum anyway.  I mean that’s what they’re really for, right?”  I am going to let you know that I have also tried many different moistened toilet paper and the feel fo these wipes did not compare to any of them at all.  All of those other wipes are texture and you can actually feel the moistness (?) of the wipes.

En fin, don’t bother with these wipes… not for your bum-bum or your face regardless of price… FAIL.

MISS of 2011.