Oh boy do I know that this post is running a bit late.  Sorry about that y’all.  Some of these products may still be available at your MAC counter/store depending on where in the world you live since the collections are not all released at the same time.  Most of these are still available for purchase online at maccosmetics.fr (as of today).  In France, the collections are released the first Thursday of a particular month.  Both the Posh Paradise and the MAC Fall Colour collections were released together here.  I warn you now, THIS POST IS SERIOUSLY PIC HEAVY.

I love paint pots… I use some as bases and some I wear alone as eyeshadows.  In fact, every time that I wore eyeshadow after I purchased these paint pots, they were all I wore… no shadows on top of them either!  Oh, I was in the honeymoon phase with my new toys.

Although the Fall Colour collection was bright and pretty, I did not purchase anything from this collection (yet, LOL) but I may still go back to purchase Royale (eyeshadow)… it almost seems like a periwinkle shade but seriously bright though.  It was the prettiest and the most unique.  All the other ones just didn’t seem unique enough to me (I already have Passionate and a NYX dupe of Passionate in my collection).

I also purchased some paint pots from the permanent collection which will see swatched also on my hand.  It was definitely a fun day at MAC Pro swatching and testing out the products.  I wanted to purchased contructivist also, but unfortunately, MAC Pro was out of stock.  I did end up purchasing it more recently from MAC in Les Halles.  If you are interested in seeing swatches and product pictures of Constructivist and my other MAC paint pots, just let me know and I will make another post for you.

List of products swatched from MAC Posh Paradise Collection – Paint Pots:

Imaginary, Half-Wild, Pure Creation, Nubile, Idyllic, Hyperviolet.

I did not swatch the yellow (Treasure Hunt) or the glittery bomb (Genuine Treasure). Neither were colours that I would use for myself or in my kit.  The funny thing is the Genuine Treasure sold out right away and I seriously disliked it… it was just pure glitter and I am not a glitter-loving person.  Treasure Hunt was a pastelly, cold, frosty yellow that did not appeal to me at all.  Out of the ones that I swatched, I did not purchase Nubile or Hyperviolet.  Nubile was the exact shade of painterly but frosty.  Hyperviolet, I had high hopes for but was a total let-down.  It was really dark and ‘muddy’, it nearly looked black… plus it had no pretty nuances (and it swatched a bit patchy too).

List of products swatched from the MAC Fall Colour Collection:

Eyeshadows – Blue Candy, Shock-A-Holic, Passionate, Three Ring Yellow, Royale

Lipstick – Plum Bright

Paint Pots from MAC’s permanent collection…

I did swatch some paint pots from the MAC Permanent Collection also.  Rubenesque, Indianwood, and Painterly.  I purchased painterly for those instances when I don’t want to use my beloved Soft Ochre paint pot.  Indianwood is just beautiful… a medium brown-y gold.  I purchased Rubesnesque (a peachy shimmery shade) mainly for use on the clients that are fair skinned with light hair and light eyes.  On my NC35 skin with dark hair and dark eyes, it just doesn’t look so good.  It almost looks patchy on my eyes… maybe it’s just me but this colour is going to be one that I will rarely wear.

I have taken the pictures for the products and the swatches with my iPhone with HDR on (High Dynamic Range: HDR blends the best parts of three separate exposures into a single photo) so you will see 2 versions of the same picture… the first of the sets will be the original and the second, the HDR version.  I have done this to show how the lighting exposure will affect the nuances of each products’ colours.

For lighting reference, the following 4 images were taken inside the store.

The above pic if the cropped version of the original image taken… The below, uncropped HDR version of the image.

(For lighting reference, the following 6 images were taken outside in natural daylight.)

(For lighting reference, the following 7 collages were taken inside, nightime, LED lights)

I hope that y’all have enjoyed this post.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Toodles ’til next time…