I have been using NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils for a long time and they are great as bases.  As actual eyeshadows by themselves, they tend to crease something horrible.  But once you set them with your eyeshadow of choice, you will wonder what you ever did without them.  Your eyeshadows grab ahold of the creamy base and they will last a longer time, be more vibrant, and depending on the color of the base (NYX pencil) vs eyeshadow of choice, it will bring out different nuances of your shadow.

They are very affordable at less than 5 bucks each.  Some people depot them and others prefer to keep them in their pencil from and sharpen them.  I prefer to depot them and put them in stackables that I got at MUJI.  Those stackables are plastic but thick-walled.

Pics & Swatches:

Oyster, Lime, Rust

Yet another view of the tips...

Oyster, Lime, Rust - notice how Rust came melted into itself

Rust - better view of the melted tip

L to R - Lemon, Oyster, Rust

L to R - Lemon, Oyster, Rust

Lemon on the Left, Horseradish on the Right - I can't tell the difference

Lemon on the Left, Horseradish on the Right

Horseradish - TOP Lemon - BOTTOM

One of the stacks from MUJI

Another stack from MUJI

Both stacks of depotted NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils - all colors I own

As you can see both the Horseradish and Lemon look exactly the same… but then again, I’ve had Horseradish for a long time and it probably was Lemon all along (the writing had rubbed off a while ago) but I was pretty sure that it was Horseradish.  I will just have to order some more and include Horseradish to see the difference… I know, I  know, bummer right? LOL.

I only swatched the new ones that I purchased but if you would like to see swatches of the others that I own, just let me know and I will swatch, pic, and post them for ya.

Toodles ’til next time…