I’ve heard about Sleek Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes a bit ago and was really interested in trying them out.  From the wonderful world of youtube I heard really good things so I decided to make the jump and purchase some.  Now, trying to get my hands on these lil’ elusive palettes in France is a hoot.  Although you can order from the Sleek website internationally, the shipping from the UK to France is a bit high, I think, for these.  So, I emailed the company and asked them if they any distributors in the Paris area.  They promptly emailed me back and this is the information from the General Manager:

If you are in Paris you may purchase from Colorii, Mix Beauty, Inaya.
You can also find some products in Sephora.

You can order from our website and we will post direct to you.

Saif Pathan
General Manager

The store that I have ready access to is Colorii.  I have yet to find a single Sephora in Paris that carries Sleek but oh well.  Now as for Colorii, I wish they would keep the brands stocked and organized.  For months I went there to check on the Sleek and other brands (like Milani which I love) but they were always kept pretty dismal.

Well, something must have happened because the one by my house finally got some palettes in and the display looks more alive. Yay.  I went in for the Curaçao palette but they said that they never heard of it (it had already been released almost 2 months before) but I ended up purchasing the Original and the Monaco palettes (separate post for Monaco).  I could not wait to take my new toys home to play.  I have a serious love-affair with makeup… maybe a tad unhealthy?  Oh, who cares… everyone has to have their vices and this is mine (okay, fine, one of a few but who’s counting).

As a whole, I am pretty impressed with the quality of these palettes.  For 9€ you get 12 really pigmented eyeshadows per palette.  True the eyeshadows aren’t as big as the typical size of a MAC shadow, but by keeping the size smaller, you can run out a bit faster and get some other shadows or palettes.  C’mon, how long does it take you to run though a shadow completely?  I have yet to run through a shadow, but then again I do have quite a bit of shadows.

Now, would I recommend these palettes?  Oh, definately.  Especially if you like shimmery shadows.  Although I tend to lean toward mattes and satins, for all of the shimmery shadows in all of the palettes that I purchased, only one was a bit of a dud – the golden color in the Original palette.

Pics & Swatchfest: (none of these have names according to the BLANK plastic insert)

Front of box

Front of Palette

View of all shadows in natural sunlight

Left side of palette (the bottom row, golden one is the one that is a bit chunky)

See what I mean?

To get this smooth on the eye, you have to buff it in... really well... then it becomes almost metallic.

Right side of palette

Top row swatches L to R - natural sunlight - bare skin

Bottom row swatches L to R - natural sunlight - bare skin

This palette happens to only have one matte color and it is the black.  The black is a really pigmented and essential color in all palettes in my opinion.

Have you tried the palette?  What do you think?

Toodles ’til next time…