Contents/Size: 40ml*** also available in 15ml

Price: ~7€ or ~$15 USD (pricing can vary depending on where you live)

Where Available: Parapharmacies or online stores (GOOGLE search)  ***Yet to be made available on La Roche-Posay’s US Online store***


What They Say:


No Perfume

No Parabens

Tube with pointed end to keep product hygienic and control amount dispensed better than pumps

Can be used on the lips and wounds

Cons:Contains silicones (although it does feel light)

Hard to get a hold of unless you live in France or try online

In My Opinion:

Beautiful on dry and normal skin.  There has NO oil control for the oily parts of your skin;  however, although it has Silicones in it, the concistency is not as thick as, let’s say Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Original or Cover FX Clear Prep FX.  I have combo/oily skin and neither of those were good for me.  The silicones in primers smooth out your skin by sitting on top of your skin so they fill in lines, depression scars, and pores.  For my oily skin I have yet to find a HG primer that does everything that I need out of a primer.  The silicones in most primers sit on top of your skin creating a barrier and makes it so that your foundation grabs a hold of that instead of your skin.

For me and my skin, the silicones impede anything from absorbing the oils in my skin.  They build up underneath the primer itself.  They don’t mix.  Eventually, this causes the primer to start to slide… and guess what is attached to the primer?? That’s right, your foundation that you so lovingly applied earlier that day.

I find that it has a rather light consistency compared to traditional primers… almost creamy.  No primer I have tried has been able to…

1.  Fill in my crater-sized pores that plague my nose (especially the sides of my nostrils and the top of the tip) and the inner parts of my cheeks

2.  Control my oil production

3.  Long lasting base for foundation

4.  Even out the skin textures (in particular depression scars from teenage acne)

I find this to be a lightweight primer that most skins agree with because it is light HOWEVER, if you are sensitive or allergic to silicones, this wouldn’t be for you.  To control my oil, I apply Milk of Magnesia to my oily areas and allow to dry while I do my eye makeup.  Depending on whether I feel that my skin will be okay with just one application of MOM, I will then do another light layer (this one will dry quicker) and then I follow by applying the Cicaplast with a sponge/fingers all over including the lips.   Allow Cicaplast to dry and follow with your foundation or powder of choice.

I would recommend this as a primer because it is designed/geared towards skin care and not makeup.  The fact that it acts like a foundation primer is a Bonus.  Remember, skin care should be your first goal.  It wasn’t even in my top ten goals growing up and now I am paying the price.  If your skin looks bad, then your foundation is not going to look much better.  Foundations are not magic… they don’t cover everything.

Comes out nearly clear When lightly spread out (I just swiped my finger across it)

NOTE:  I know this review seems to be all over the place.  I am still trying to find the best review template for me to use that covers everything.  If you have any comments on how you like to see a review set up or what you want included in one, please let me know in the comments below.