Although this post may be coming a lil late, there are many places where very cold weather is still plaguing us. The following are some tips to keep in mind to help your skin during the cold weather days.

1. Drink Water… I know you keep hearing drink water, drink water, but it is very true. Our bodies are made up of about 70 – 75 % water and since the skin is out biggest organ, it will show the first signs of water deprevation. Your skin won’t have that ‘bounce-back’ or luminosity that normal healthy skin has. So, carry around a BPA-free water bottle. My favorite is a Thermos Intak BPA-free water bottle that I got at target for less than ten bucks… I absolutely love it.


2.  Moisturize…  You may have to change your skin care routine a bit from the summer products.  My skin tens to go through phases but stays most of the time in the very oily combination phase.  During the summer I tend to use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel or even Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 and that even takes care of my minimum recommended sunscreen.  Word of caution… because it does have sunscreen be very vigilant in keeping it away from your eyes or it will feel like your eyes are burning and you want to take your eyes out with a spoon.  In the winter however, I will use Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè (24-Hour Miracle Cream) and depending on how bad the dry parts of my skin are, I will use Homeoplasmine (very similar to Aquaphor in the US).  On a job, I will use the Homeoplasmine on lips as a balm before I start the makeup application so the lips are nice and supple when I get to them.  The Embryolisse can also be used as a makeup remover (but for that I tend to lean toward the Fluide version) and even as a shaving cream when I have to fix someone’s eyebrowns and don’t have time to pluck.  You can also look into using 100% Jojoba oil.  I got my 100% Jojoba oil from the Vitamin Shoppe for less than 10 dollars for 4 oz. and it is great.  Yes I have oily skin, but Jojoba oil mimicks the natural oils of your skin, so if a cream feels too greasy like they do on me, try the Jojoba oil (very small amount) because your skin will absorb it a lot better than the mineral oils and such that you find in rich creams.


3.  Exfoliate…  I have never been too much of a fan of mechanical exfoliators because I feel that they are scratching my face.  I don’t want microscopic scratches on my face… for that I’ll use sandpaper.  St. Ives Apricot scrub is one of those.  Unless the mechanical scrub has rounded beads in it, I don’t use it.  You can always make a sugar scrub at home (check the net for many recipes… I use Jojoba oil and natural cane sugar) too instead of buying to really expensive ones that you can buy full of irritating frangrances.  I personally love the smell of sugar so why am I going to put artificial rose frangrance on my face? Really??  My favorite type of exfoliator is a chemical exfoliator.  This uses either AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids… glycolic, malic, citric, lactic, tartaric) or BHA’s (beta hydroxy acids… salicylic acid) to remove the surface layer of dead skin.  AHA’s are better for dry or normal skin to take away the dry scaly patches.  BHA’s are oil soluble so they are great for those of us with oily skin.  BHA’s are also great to help reduce wrinkles, sun damage, and improve the texture of the skin.  My favorite chemical exfoliators are Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4 and Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads.  Also good exfoliating cleansers are Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash for mechanical and for chemical I favor DDF Brightening Cleanser.


4.  Vitamins… I take B-complex vitamins that have high percentages of the daily recommended value.  I take Centrum Performance.  The added value of taking the Centrum Performance in addition to the B vitamins which are vital to your skin’s well-being, the vitamins also help with the low energy experienced during the winter months when we are deprived of natural light.  Flaxseed oil (in capsules or gel caps NOT in oil form… yucky) really make a difference in the appearence of your skin.  It looks radiant and healthy.  Take the vitamins and flaxseed oil all year round… you will thank me.


5.  Humidifier…  With it being so cold ‘n all outside we spend a lot of time inside.  However, the air inside our homes tend to be very drying.  Also if you are susceptible to sinus infections like I am, invest in one.  I normally get a Cool Air Humidifier.  Cooler air is easier to breathe for me in the winter and if the room tends to get too hot, it lowers the temp in the room a bit.  Also, because you have to clean and sanitize/disinfect them regularly, the cool air models are easier to clean (I’m all for making things easier), and with no boiling water, if you have pets or small children in the home, they are also a safer bet.  I got mine at Wal-Mart years ago and I buy the disinfectant and a few filters to go with it.

Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier



6.  Lips… Don’t forget your lips.  Please, licking your lips may be sexy but dry, scaly lips are’t so stop doing it.  Licking your lips may feel good for a lil bit because you are wetting them, but the moisture will eveporate and make them dryer.  Homeoplasmine and Vaseline are both good options.  For lip balms (don’t you just love lip balms??? I do, I do) I love me so Blistex Silk & Shine (feels silky soft instead of goopy or waxy which I don’t like) and the Nivea A Kiss of Smoothness/Moisture Hydrating Lip Care with SPF 4 (the old ones say Moisture and are light blue and the new ones say Smoothness and are also light blue).


7.  Cover up… Scarves are not just fashionable, they actually so serve a purpose.  Like the French, wrap it around your neck, your face, your ears… wherever skin is exposed.  Earmuffs are not just for kids… pick one out you like.  Go bold or be understated… it is up to you but cover it up.  The French even hav
e scarves that are so long that they are double my height… that is 10 FEET LONG!!!  I have about 20 scarves not including the ones that I left back in the states.  I even have one that doubles as a hoodie, a neck muff, a shoulder cover, and (since I’m height challenged) can even be a dress.  Yes, I said dress.


So, when it is cold outside, remember to adjust your skin regimen accordingly.  Also, what works for me may not work for you.  I have gone through many trials and errors to get to my favorites.  There are a lot of frogs in the makeup and skincare world but it is the journey that is enjoyable.